Poliedra-Sky 50 S

Curtain Walls

Poliedra-Sky 50 S combines the aesthetic appeal of all-glass with good insulation and sealing performance. It is a thermal break structure with tubular mullions and transoms, the lattice is only visible from the inside. Poliedra-Sky 50 S offers an all-glass exterior appearance or with an aluminium perimeter edge. The glazing modules are fixed and can be opened without affecting the external aesthetics.


  • Mullion and transom structural curtain wall
  • 50 mm structure, internally visible
  • Glazing with structural gluing or mechanical support
  • Mullion from 42 mm to 225 mm deep
  • Glass thickness: from 24 mm to 32 mm
  • Seals: EPDM internal gaskets and glazing gaskets
  • Thermal break: polyamide thermal bars
  • Original accessories
  • Finishing: anodized or painted
  • 6060-T5 aluminium alloy
  • Integration with the following systems: 50I, 60, Casement windows and doors and Sun Blades


  • Acoustic and thermal insulation
  • Can be used for different architectural creations
  • Light bearing structure easy to assemble
  • External look: ”all glass look” or with border along the perimeter
  • Openings not visible from outside
Poliedra-Sky 50 S

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