NC-S 65 I

Sliding Windows and Doors

Metra sliding windows and doors confer light and elegance to your lifestyle. For feeling gratified and at the centre of an ideal ecosystem, in total harmony with the external environment, with nature, with the city, with sunlight and only surrounded by beautiful ideas.

Metra sliding windows and doors become a real integrated system with totally unique solutions, adaptable to any aesthetic situation with comfort, energy-saving and security. On top of all this, there is also a wide choice of matching design accessories and a vast range of surfaces with surprising colours and extraordinary taste.

NC-S 65 I. The ideal solution for covering small-medium dimensions in communal spaces that are not heated or cooled. The NC-S 65 I line ensures excellent durability and resistance to atmospheric agents. The aesthetic lines available are Roma and Miami.

Technical Features:

  • Base Dimension: 50-90 mm
  • Air-water-wind tightness: brush gaskets
  • Glass thickness: monolithic 6/8 mm maximum 24 mm
  • Maximum sash load: 160 kg
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