The cutting-edge METRA lifting sliding system NC-S 170 STH HES removes borders between inside and outside. Interiors perfectly fit into the surrounding nature and create a totally new experience, which embraces the whole space.
The excellent thermal and acoustic insulation give you the best comfort and will let you minimise your power consumption, and save your money.
The presence of anti-tripping binaries with low thresholds avoids bothering steps and establishes a direct link between the inside and outside environment.
The METRA lifting sliding system NC-S 170 STH HES offers a unique design, also thanks to the availability of special finishing.
NC-S 170 STH HES is an innovative project which transforms the sliding profile systems, making them the best solution for high-profile architecture operations.

Technical Features:

  • Base dimensions: 170 mm
  • Air-water-wind tightness: EPDM gaskets
  • Glass thickness: max 56 mm
  • Max. sash weight: 300 – 400 kg (lifting sliding)
  • Profiles for frames: cut at 45° or 90°
  • Profiles for sashes: cut at 45°
  • Closing systems: multi-point. Handles with or without cylinder and key
  • Lower binary: stainless steel sliding tracks

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