Alu-Wood Windows and Doors

Exceptional energy-saving qualities for windows and doors, including those of large dimensions. AELLE 100 STH provides thermal and acoustic insulation and top of the range durability, as well as excellent shatterproof features. The natural wood finish on the interior side, combined with the large size of the windows, grants AELLE 100 STH the ability to radically enhance your home.

Technical Features:

  • Thermal break series for windows and doors
  • Glass thickness: 26 to 59 mm
  • Windows series: Frame with 79 mm standard profiles, casement 100 mm with overlap 21 mm “Linea Piana”
  • Frame with 89 mm standard profiles, casement 100 mm with overlap 21 mm “Linea Sagomata”
  • Air-water-wind tightness: central open joint gasket
  • Aluminium aesthetic lines: Piana, Sagomata
  • Wood aesthetic lines: Piana, Sagomata
  • Door series: Complanar frame and door leaf with 79 mm frame, 79 mm leaf
  • Air-water-wind tightness: double rabbet gasket
  • Aluminium aesthetic lines: Piana
  • Wood aesthetic lines: Piana
Cross section AELLE 100 STH

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